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Environmental Policy

Our goal is to conduct our business in a way that protects the environment. Everyone who works for Alshafak Oil Services Company has a responsibility to give their best efforts to achieve this goal. We are committed to do this through our policy principles.

Consequently, Alshafak Oil Services Company plans and conducts their operations, according to sound environmental principles. They are to strive always to carry out work in the manner best calculated to minimize any adverse environmental effect, to prevent pollution of any kind, and are actively to seek ways of reducing environmental damage.

Where our operations, our conduct or our existence is subject to specific laws or regulations, our company will comply fully with all such applicable laws and regulations, and if possible will exceed the minimum requirements because this is good business practice. Special attention will be paid to ensure compliance with international conventions and regulations which apply to offshore and oil & gas operations.

At Alshafak Oil Services Company, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

To achieve our objective, Alshafak Oil Services Company employees will in their daily operations:

  • Ensure compliance with all environmental regulations
  • Promote efficiency and reduce waste across the organization
  • Ensure that environmental awareness is included into its business planning, process improvement and operational disciplines
  • Provide accurate reporting to the authorities, the community, our shareholders and employees regarding our environmental performance
  • Invest, wherever appropriate, in an asset base and the systems and processes which reduce energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions

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