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Oil & Gas – Offshore Logistics Support Services

AOS has in-house capabilities as an Integrated Project Logistics Services provider, specializing in Oil & Gas / Offshore Marine logistics, chartering, and Offshore (Support) Vessel agency services in all of Libyan Waters, Our Oil & Gas / Offshore team provides logistics services in all of Libyan  locations, For certain projects an exchange and sharing of competencies is put in place between the various divisions within the Company. The Company operations and sales office in Tripoli serves as a back-office to the All of Libyan Locations, oil & Gas / offshore operations and supports the various divisions in administrative functions such as invoicing, accounting, human resource, and project management.

Services we offer

  • Get the permissions for allowing the entry of vessels and working in the Libyan water from maritime authority
  • Completing temporary importation procedures with custom authority
  • Completing the entry procedures of vessel’s crews (granting visas)
  • Granting permission and assigning of coastal guard person to be on board of the vessel / rig
  • Get the acceptance of the Israeli boycott from the concerned department
  • Completing the replacing procedures to vessel’s crews (crew changes) in and out Libya
  • Finishing taxes procedures related to any kind of agreements, contacts and invoices
  • Hotel booking, air tickets and receiving crews at airports
  • Transporting crews to and from vessels and airports
  • Providing supporting vessels for seismic vessels / rigs either Libyan or Foreign
  • Performing all the required procedures to rigs, seismic vessel and chase boats such as following up, supervising and finding solutions to any problems may occur during its existence in the Libyan water
  • Completing the final exporting procedures to vessels and closing its files
  • Importing and finishing the customs clearance procedures for anything needed for thaw project such as spare parts, materials, data tapes and any other requirement
  • Exporting anything needs to be exported
  • Doing all the logistics needed for rigs, vessels and chase boats
  • Doing all logistics for on shore field
  • We providing spare parts, tools for all oil fields.
  • Performing the maintenance, protection and furnishing oilfields, completing the procedures related to the oil stations and all its services as well as procuring materials, equipments and used machines in oil area and importing it from abroad either temporary or permanent
  • Providing transportation services to materials, equipment and machines related to the drilling in marine and desert areas
  • Accepting the commercial agencies and importing the operation instruments for achieving its purposes
  • Performing the marine and air seismic and the vessels and aircrafts leasing as well as its temporary importation for its use in this field.

At Alshafak we recognize the very specific needs and often time restrictive requirements of our Oil & Gas and Offshore customers. As a result of our historic footprint in Libya, our operators and management have a keen eye for the ‘need for speed’ and the requirement for reliable and compliant delivery services in often difficult and hostile environments. Health, Safety and productivity are at the center of every upstream, mid-stream and downstream operation.

Enabling these operations to perform at optimum levels, without trade-off, is the core of Alshafak Oil Services Company integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions. Asset utilization via uncompromised material availability as defined by a client’s policies on critical spares, planned maintenance and production schedules is embedded in Alshafak Oil Services Company logistics approach to supporting the oil and gas and offshore industries.

Our Company has agreements in place with reputable service companies and can offer our clients a full portfolio of supply chain service for the Oil & Gas / Offshore industries.

The AOS Company  has a proven experience in handling multi-year in  project logistics support services in the offshore construction industry in Libyan Waters, Our company is proud to have a large portfolio of both local and international clients in the Oil & Gas / Offshore (construction) industries.

Offshore / Oil & Gas Vessel and Husbandry Agencies

As a result of our specialization in the Offshore and Oil & Gas Sector, we have a profound knowledge and understanding of the vessel agency and logistics requirements of offshore support vessels and construction vessels. In the past years the AOS has assisted numerous Oil & Gas / Offshore construction companies in Libyan Waters by providing vessel support services, in particular for vessel mobilisations and demobilization.
On average the AOS assist over 20 local and international companies, our project teams can be mobilized at short notice to any of the Libyan ports in which clients are operate and often beyond, and understand the intricacies of the Oil & Gas and Offshore industries. Our staff are used to working under pressure and are committed to servicing all requirements of our clients.


Offshore Yard Management Services in Libya

Alshafak Oil Services Company provides a fully integrated offshore supply base capability in various locations ensuring safe and effective on-time delivery of product to projects locally or offshore. Our business manages heavy load out and bulk freight, warehousing and packing, quayside and waste operations utilizing the locally available infrastructure and third party providers where necessary.

In recent years we have managed numerous projects and vessel mobilizations with the support of a strong marine management team that delivered time and again.

Manpower Services

Main Recruiter for Drilling, Marine and Catering crew on board the semi-submersible rig Ocean endeavor.

The rig commenced drilling offshore Black Sea, in water depths of 800 -1200 meters.

The Ocean Endeavour rig, which was commissioned by EXXON MOBIL and OMV PETROM to make further exploration drills in the Neptun block, is drilling the Pelican South-l  wildcat well about 155 kilometers offshore in the Romanian sector of the Black Sea. The Pelican South-l well will test a new geological structure on the Neptun Block.

Earlier in October 2014, the Ocean Endeavour rig completed drilling the Domino-2 well in the Neptun block and data from the well are currently being evaluated by Exxon and OMV Petrom specialists.

OGR employs close to 100 drilling, marine and catering crew on board the Ocean Endeavor on different ranks:

– roustabout – roughneck – pumpman – motorman –

marine roustabout – welder – medic / doctor – rig clerk /

administrator – radio operator – translator

In efforts to counter a drop in onshore production while reducing their reliance on imports from Russia, countries that border the Black Sea have launched bid rounds and entered production-sharing agreements with operators.


Main Recruiter for Drilling, Marine and Catering crew on board the DP2, semi-sub rig GSF Development Driller 2.

OGR has been awarded the contract to supply local manpower on board Transocean’s 00 II, a OP2, 2005 built, semi-submersible drilling rig. The DD II has drilled in the Black Sea for Lukoil, in water depths ranging from 800 to 1500 meters.

We employ 60 drilling, marine and catering crew on board the DD II, on different ranks:

– 3rd engineer – 2nd Mate, OPO – BCO – ballast control

operator – roustabout – roughneck – pumpman motorman

– marine roustabout / AB – welder – rig clerk

administrator / Campboss – stewards and cooks

Oil & Gas Recruitment (OGR) ltd. Romania
and her Cyprus branch – Nextroute (NXTR) Ltd. provides recruitment and employment agency services to an international client base.

We handle requirements for temporary, permanent and contract placements mainly for the offshore, oil and gas industry.

Our staff has an experience of more than 10 years in the offshore, oil and gas industry: – previously worked on board different offshore support vessels, semi-submersible drilling rigs and driIIships, as well as recruiters for the oil & gas industry for over 6 years.

We can proudly say that our company is the only Romanian Manning Agency 100 % specialized in the offshore manpower supply, both locally and internationally for the oil and gas and renewable energy industry.

Alshafak Oil Services Ltd. Libya – operates from Tripoli, Tunis and Malta and provides all necessary administrative, legal support to the service companies also all needed licenses, permits, visas. AI Shafak Oil Service, a Libyan joint stock company, was established in 2008 and since then it has been providing all the range of logistic services, including the service of light maintenance and the provision of qualified manpower.

These services are provided to those major oil and gas operators and their main contractors and specialized services providers.

AIshafak is well known among the above mentioned companies, this was through AIshafak involvement in almost all the seismic, drilling and development campaigns executed in the Libyan off shore zone.

AI Shafak since its establishment has acquired and consolidated sufficient know how and expertise, now recognized by its several clients of the oil and gas and contracting companies. AIshafak believes that its success depends on the success of its clients.

The Black Sea Area
Despite the occasional setback – political and exploratory – the Black Sea continues to draw interest from international oil companies, including heavy hitters such as Exxon Mobil, Total, Shell, Lukol, Repsol.  Fewer than 100 offshore wells have been drilled in the Black Sea and, until recently, its deeper waters remained mostly unexamined by seismic surveys.

Main Recruiter for Catering crew on board different drilling units for SODEXO REMOTE SITES NETHERLANDS and ESSCOMPASS GROUP ABERDEEN & SINGAPORE:

OGR / NXTR employs and posts for Sodexo and ESS Compass Group over 100 offshore experienced catering personnel onboard different offshore / dri lIing / wind farm support units around Europe and the North African coast:

– Campboss – Chefs / Day Cooks – Night Cooks / Bakers –

Lead Stewards – Stewards

Vessel & supply boat rental

Alshafak Oil  provide  all kind of vessels, offshore towing, salvage and shipping and  supply of the oil rigs with necessary materials, towage of the rigs on long and short routes, as well as positioning and anchoring the rigs. The company also provides salvage, assistance and ship repair services, as well as transport of, we can provide all needed services for our clients

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